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heartboyWelcome to Sunninghill Park Nursery School website!

About us:

At  Sunninghill Park Nursery School we’ve been helping children grow into happy confident and caring individuals since 1991!

Situated in a most beautiful garden Sunninghill, north of Johannesburg, our space nurtures children from 18 months to 6 years of age, in groups ranging from toddlers to grade R.

Our philosophy:

We strive to create a balanced environment, underpinned by our ethos, ‘fun and firm but fair’, where children learn through play, positive reinforcement and natural boundaries. Through our love of children and passion for education, our caring space is held together with high integrity.


Sunninghill Park Nursery School is a nurturing, secure environment for children to thrive in. With a completely integrated approach to learning, we use a variety of activities to encourage social, emotional and cognitive development. Perceptual awareness is cultivated through music whilst large motor skills are refined through sport at our very own equipped gym ‘Jolly Gym’.

We are so excited to share with you in school concerts and mini Olympics!

Learning is FUN, so we take the children on a special excursion every year, to the zoo or a farm. We believe respect for nature and animals and experiential learning is all part of becoming healthy well-balanced individuals.


We understand that knowing what is going on with your little ones is vital to you, so to help track your child’s growth, we conduct daily observations of each child. In addition to frequent check-in’s with parents, we provide one verbal and two written progress reports per year.

Extra help:

We understand that all children develop differently, and as part of our dedication to ensuring that each child gets the attention they deserve, we have an Occupational and  Speech Therapist on the premises for any child who may need a little extra help. Over and above, every term we invite specialists into the school, at no extra cost to you, to entertain the children with educational shows.


We have a committed team of friendly and caring teachers, with a wonderful track record. All our staff is truly dedicated to their roles in developing and nurturing your children and work hard to provide the best environment for learning and play.

Sections and classes:

The Infant School Section is divided into 2 classes:

Toddler Group

Red Group

The Pre-School Section is divided into 3 classes:

Yellow Group

Green Group

Blue Group

Each class has a qualified teacher, capable of taking care of all the needs of your child. Communication is encouraged between parent and teacher, regarding the physical, mental and emotional development of your child. Each child individually is important to us.

We are looking forward to an exciting and fulfilling year!

The things you need to know:

Procedures at school

• Newsletters are issued on a monthly basis.

• Progress reports are issued twice yearly.

• Outings and shows are arranged at various times throughout the year.

• A concert is held annually and all children participate.

Opening times 7.15 am – 5.30 pm

Rules and Regulations:

• We follow the school calendar of the Government Schools.

• During school holidays the School will be closed, but we offer a special holiday care during this period. Holiday programmes are sent out before the holidays and parents are asked to indicate on which days their children will be attending the holiday care.

• Please notify the school when your child is absent from school.

• The school cannot be held responsible for any lost property. Kindly return toys, which are accidentally removed by your child.

• No sweets or toys are allowed to be brought to school.

Child Requirements per Term

• A school bag will be issued to your child on the 1 st day of the term

• A box of tissues

• A box of crayola wax crayons (12) (Thick crayons for red and yellow groups and retractable wax crayons for blue & green groups)

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