As music plays an integral part of the development of your child, we are proud to offer it as a unique feature of this school. A music teacher is retained to develop your child’s music skills. We use music to improve your child’s increased motor control and his/her ability to synchronise movements with the rhythm of the music.


This is compulsory for all children. It helps him/her to develop self-confidence and to interact with others.

Baker Baker (Tuesdays):

Each child has a turn to be a baker. He/She sell a piece of cake at a value of R2 to classmates to collect money to buy new library books.

Library (Tuesdays / Thursdays):

Books to be taken out every Thursday and returned every Tuesday.

Puppet Show (Fridays):

Weekly puppet shows are greatly enjoyed by one and all, and are immensely effective in the development of language, concentration and moral concepts.