At  Sunninghill Park Nursery School we’ve been helping children grow into happy confident and caring individuals since 1991!
Situated in Sunninghill, north of Johannesburg, our space nurtures children from 18 months to 6 years of age, in groups ranging from toddlers to grade R.

Our philosophy:

We strive to create a balanced environment, underpinned by our ethos, ‘fun and firm but fair’, where children learn through play, positive reinforcement and natural boundaries. Through our love of children and passion for education, we strive to promote their early development through committed staff, caring attitudes and high integrity.


With a completely integrated approach to learning, we use a variety of activities to encourage social, emotional and cognitive development. Perceptual awareness is cultivated through music whilst large motor skills are refined through sport at our very own equipped gym ‘Jolly Gym’. We welcome the opportunity for parents to share in our group activities such as school concerts and mini-Olympics. Our children are taken on special excursions, usually to the zoo or a farm, to create an awareness and respect for nature and animals. Such experiential learning is not only FUN but is also a part of growing well balanced individuals.


In order to track our (your) little one’s growth, we conduct daily observations of each child’s individual development, to be better able to focus on areas where additional input may be required. In addition, we like to keep parents informed through regular check-in’s, as well as providing one verbal and two written reports on their progress in the course of the year.


We have a committed team of friendly and caring teachers, with a wonderful track record. All our staff are truly dedicated to their roles in developing and nurturing your children and work hard to provide the best environment for learning and play.